Thursday, 1 May 2008

Healthy Breads

29 April 2008 - had my second lesson today in bread baking. We made 'healthy' breads today.. meaning breads with no sugar in the recipe. The baguette was actually fun to make... and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it already. We also got to watch some videos on the bread making processes and there was one where this baker did it entirely with his hands (no mixer was used)! I assume it will be extremely tiring if I ever tried that myself! We won't be having any lessons on Thursday as it is Labour Day so I really can't wait till class on Saturday. We'll be making sweet breads then.

01 May 2008 - I kept some of the bread from Tuesday, in the fridge and we had them today with some hams that my brother and sister in law brought back from their holiday in Eastern Europe. It was yummy and even my father liked the breads ! Mom made a mediterranean style salad to go with it and that was delicious too. Too bad we didn't have any Hungarian wine, so instead we had Chilean wine to go with the hams!
Here are some photos of the breads baked on Tuesday.

The one at the top (big fat one) is the French Country Bread, the long one is the French Baguette, the one with some stuff on the top (right below) is the Wholemeal bread.

Another closer shot of the French Country Bread
And another of the Wholemeal Bread.

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