Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Happy Birthday !!

14 October 2007 - Made this pink birthday cake for the October babies ! My younger niece loves pink that's why ! Oh yes, this is my first try at baking a chocolate cake. Got some good reviews and I decided to try again for our gathering with friends the next day. Here are some pictures of the pink birthday cake. It is chocolate cake covered with fondant and it also has some white flowers painted on. Also tried cornelli lace for the sides of this cake.

15 October 2007 - Just as I was baking the chocolate cake, my friend called up to reschedule our gathering as her son was not feeling well. He had vomitted throughout the night so neither he nor his parents had enough sleep. Poor thing. Hope he gets well soon. Anyway, since the cake was already baking in the oven, I decorated it anyway ! Decided to practice my cornelli lace again as you can see in the pictures here too. The chocolate cake recipe is really good. I will post it so that anyone can give it a try !

19 October 2007 - My elder niece came over to spend the day as she did not have to go to school (Hari Raya Holidays). She wanted to learn how to bake a cake and so since it was her cousin's birthday the next day we made one! My sis in law wanted to get her a Hello Kitty cake so my niece and I decided to decorate it 'Hello Kitty' style.

20 October 2007 - EMERGENCY !! The Hello Kitty cake melted ! Wonder how it happened. Was it too warm last night ? Anyway, I saved my niece's icing of the Hello Kitty cat and re-covered the cake with new fondant.

Delivered a Fire Truck cake to my friend whose son's birthday party is today! Personally, I thought it didn't look good enough but my friend was saying that she wanted a 'homey' looking cake so that was it ! Think I need more practice on icing the cake. Still not smooth enough ! I hope the party went well as it was raining very heavily this afternoon.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival

16 September 2007 - this is my attempt at making 'Mini Moon Cupcakes'. Have tried making the jelly mooncakes but didn't succeed. Lots of bad reviews from my family !! Well, this year I decided that I will not try making the jelly mooncakes anymore and I came up with this GREAT idea ! Here's another close up shot !

I actually put the fondant into the trays for making jelly mooncakes to get the chinese characters printed onto the fondant. Then I cut them out to these sizes and placed them on top of the mini cupcakes. At least, no bad reviews this time around.
One thing though I find that my butter cakes normally turn out quite dry. Wonder why. Gotta find out so that I can improve on that cake!