Thursday, 13 September 2007

Longest Day of my Life ...

13 September 2007
I spent one of the longest days of my life at the service centre waiting for my husband's car to be fixed ! Luckily they have computers with internet facilities there and I had a fun time browsing and looking into other peoples' blogs & websites. Suddenly felt like my blog is really boring. So now I am back at home and trying to make this more exciting or maybe more pleasing to the eye !
Didn't know that there is actually so much I can do with the 'blogspot'. Now I know! Over the next 2 weeks I will try to revamp this spot and I hope it will turn out fine !!
In the meantime, I'll have fun browsing other people's sites !

Sunday, 9 September 2007

My journey and ... my new toy !

09 September 2007

Time really flies !! Finished with my level III classes too and I have NEVER baked so much in my life ! But I'm happy coz it means that I 'can do it' !! But I must admit it was really tiring !! Am going to attach some pictures from my level III classes and also the final wedding cake that I assembled ! Here's my journey through level III !!

1) 29 July 2007 - bought a new mixer coz I over used my mother's old one ! It just can't mix anymore and I had to manually mix my icing for my last class in level II. This is my new Kenwood Prospero KM260 Mixer.
2) 13 August 2007 - in lesson 2 we learnt how to wrap the fondant/sugarpaste onto a 'cake'. We actually used a square styrofoam for this. It was quite fun, like playing with playdoh.
3) 17 August 2007 - in lesson 3 we learnt how to make fondant/sugarpaste flowers using the lily nail. We also learnt how to make fondant roses and after that we had to start thinking about what we wanted to do for our final/graduation class.

4) 08 September 2007 - I decided to go with the fondant roses. During our 2 week break, I made about 30 fondant roses in pink, yellow & lilac and also the leaves for the flowers. Funny thing though... my flowers whether buttercream, royal icing or fondant.. all seemed to lean towards one particular side ! I blamed it on the sun ! Anyway, on 07 September 2007 I had my final class in level III and assembled this 2 tier wedding cake. It is made of buttercake (what else!) and covered with ivory coloured fondant and then iced with white royal icing. The fondant roses were then attached onto the cake along with the leaves and also the ruby coloured butterflies that I bought from this shop in Sri Damansara.

During that time I also baked 120 pcs of heart shaped butter cookies decorated with heart shaped sugar thingies to be used as favours for the guests at my parents' 40th wedding anniversary party. I also took 2 days to bake another 120 butter cupcakes complete with icing for decoration and packed them in time for the party! I don't have a good picture of the cookies but in the picture below you can see the cupcake and a bit of the cookie behind it !!

Oh yes and on the 06 September 2007, we had a birthday dinner for my niece and I made her this 'Powerpuff Girls' cake. I took nearly the whole day to do this ! Talk about inexperience !! I think I need more practice so that I won't take as long the next time I do so. Now, what I'd like to do is to learn how to bake other types of cakes instead of just buttercake which is what I'm doing at the moment !

But for now... I'll have a short break from baking and cake decorating coz my hands are still aching !! Hahaha! Maybe I should take weights or something to strengthen my hands, arms, ....