Thursday, 21 August 2008

Uncle Chin Superbowl

19 August 2008

Went to Ikano Power Centre today and we passed by this shop that we have never tried before. There were quite a number of people having lunch there... we thought... why not, let's give it a try !

Turned out that it was alright. Maybe the portion was slightly small but other than that, the taste was good. Definitely worth going back for another visit !

Enter the Dragon ... again !!

18 August 2008

Decided to eat at Dragon-i again. But this time we tried the branch at Mid Valley Megamall. Here's what we had !
The ramen was good! The beef brisket was cooked just nice! The brinjal tasted good as well, with nice spicy sauce.

I think I might have been in the mood to eat tasty claypot stuff, this chicken is also quite strong in taste. But my husband didn't like the basil that was used in this dish. He found it a bit too overpowering !

Malaysia Boleh ??

17 August 2008

Went for the Club's treasure hunt today and we really had a great time! Very tiring though !! I think I've walked my whole years' quota already !!!

Anyway, today will be the Finals between Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan (Badminton) and we would be going to my aunt's house to watch the match. In order to save time, we ordered take aways !

1 Duck & 3 pizzas !!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

080808 - Beijing Huan Ying Ni !!

08 August 2008

Celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympiad at my aunt's house. It was fun with more than 10 of us watching the ceremony together !!

Chilly Pan Mee from Batu Road

16 August 2008

Now we don't have to go all the way to town just to eat the Chilly Pan Mee!! They have a branch in Sunway Damansara (Jln PJU 4/5) already !! Had this today and it was delicious. Just as good as the main outlet in Batu Road. Chilly is just as hot too! Actually I didn't dare eat the chillies but I HAVE tried it in the other outlet before ! Heh heh.

This is where the shop is located.

Farewell & Birthday Dinner

15 August 2008

As mentioned, we were going to have a really heavy dinner (that's why we couldn't order too much for lunch!) All the dishes you see here have to be pre-ordered.

The group thought that the fried brinjals were actually fried potatoes !! Hahaha!

Steamed Pomfret Rolls stuffed with prawns.
A close up picture of the Pomfret rolls

The bones are not spared ... they are deep fried and very crispy !!

There may not be many dishes but the portions given are huge so the only other dish we ordered was Fried Kai Lan ! Hope the whole gang enjoyed the food.

Time really flies and in two weeks our friends will be leaving for Perth, Australia. They are emigrating there so it will be some time before we meet again. All the best to them !

PPPPPPasta !

15 August 2008

Had to meet some people, so we decided to have lunch at Porto Romano Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Didn't want to have too much to eat as we were having a dinner party the same night so we settled on these 2 dishes ! Yummmmmmyyyyy!

Enter the Dragon

12 August 2008

Had lunch at Dragon-i, One Utama today. Instead of the usual ramen we decided to try some other stuff on their menu. Turned out good! Very good, infact.

Brisik Restaurant at Jaya One

11 August 2008

Took a break from watching telly and had lunch at Brisik Restaurant at Jaya One. It's a new restaurant and they serve local food as well as Indonesian food. Here's what we tried.

The Nyonya Laksa was creamy enough but too bad the santan (coconut milk) was not quite fresh as it should be. Actually wanted to try the Nasi Ampeng but that was for four persons and there were only two of us, so we tried the Nasi Brisik instead. The rice is actually pumpkin rice and it is served with fish and some vegetables. The Fried Chicken that was part of the Nasi Ampeng was so-so. I prefer the type that they serve at Indian Curry Houses ! The price was not exactly cheap too but if you're craving for something Indonesian, then maybe it is alright.

Hmm... writing about Indonesian food makes me think about the Crispy Duck Rice again !

Monday, 11 August 2008

Who's Got The Time ?

11 August 2008

Looks like I won't be blogging too much for the next 2 weeks. The Olympics is taking up all my time! Just told my friend that I'm going to be really anti-social from now... just too many events to watch on TV ! Did you all watch the opening ceremony? I thought it was really great ! Wanted to bake the Cheese Cake today but then I turned on the TV and swimming was on, and then badminton, weightlifting, ... sigh !

Oh well, see you when I have the time !

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Bamboo Deli

01 August 2008

Was in the vicinity of Taman Tun Dr Ismail today and we wanted to try some place new. Stumbled upon this Bamboo Deli in TTDI Plaza and decided to give it a try. What caught our attention was the Crispy Duck Rice that they had on the menu. We wondered if it was like what we had in Bebek Bengil in Ubud, Bali. Anyway, it was lunch time on a Friday but the plaza was rather quiet.

Well, we ordered the Crispy Duck Rice, Crispy Chicken Rice and the Thai Beef Salad. Oh yes, the drinks menu that they had looked really good, like a booklet instead of a menu !

Crispy Duck Rice

Crispy Chicken Rice

The dishes came and only the Thai Beef Salad was a little bit salty but not that it was unbearable... BUT the Crispy Duck Rice and the Crispy Chicken Rice was really really good! The Duck & Chicken was crispy and the meat just tender and not dry. Even the rice was good! The chilli sauce that they served with the duck was a really good match too!

Kudos to the chef ! We will definitely go there again !

Something New

01 August 2008
I have created a new look for my blog, finally! After going through & reading so many blogs I found that my blog was really boring. Looks too plain ! So I decided to play around with the templates given and so here it is ! I hope this new design makes the blog more fun to browse and read. Have got some new stuff coming soon too !