Monday, 28 April 2008


28 April 2008

I have just been reading some posts in a website on crochet and now I am thinking of adding that into this blog too ! I took up knitting about 2 years ago and then crochet after that. Found that knitting takes up too much time and maybe I am not that patient a person after all ! Crochet on the other hand is quicker. Also, if there are any errors in stitches, it can be undone & redone quickly ! Am posting some pictures of stuff I have knitted or crocheted since learning the craft !

This is a baby blanket that is knitted using 100% cotton yarn by Coats. Made this specially for my sister in law who was having a baby then. We didn't know if it would be a boy or a girl which is why I chose this light, pastel green colour. Using 100% cotton makes it softer on the baby's skin too.

This is also made from 100% cotton yarn. Gave this to my niece for her birthday last year !

After that I made many little baby dresses/blouses for my nieces and also my friends' daughters ! Here are some pictures !

Heh heh! I know there's still lots to do to improve on the stitches.... Oh well, in the meantime these are some of the stuff I've done. Will keep posting more once I've completed the rest !

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