Sunday, 18 May 2008

Chinese Pastries

17 May 2008

Today is the first of our Pastries & Cookies Module. As I mentioned before, we have 8 lessons on breads which we have just completed and now begins the 8 lessons on Pastries & Cookies.

We made the Hong Kong Steamed 'Chicken' Bun, Kaya Puffs and Snow Skin Mooncake with both Lotus Paste & Red Bean Paste fillings.

The Snow Skin Mooncakes were'nt as difficult to make as I thought they would be, the Chicken Bun, I would need to practice wrapping it, and as for the Kaya Puffs, they were really fun to make !

The Hong Kong Steamed Chicken Buns straight out of the oven!

Kaya Puffs, before !
and after !!

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