Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ah Lye Curry Fish Head Restaurant

20 October 2008

Hahaha! Actually went there to eat last month but forgot to post this up ! A friend brought us to this restaurant in Subang Jaya for dinner and if he didn't we would not have found this place as it is tucked away in one row of shophouses inside the housing estate of Subang Jaya ! I think most people come here for lunch on weekdays and during dinner time there are less people eating here, which is good for us non-Subang Jayans so we don't have to fight for a place to sit !

As this restaurant is famous for its Curry Fish Head, we had to order this !
The salt baked chicken is quite good too. It's not as salty as you think and I tried this dish again when we went there the second time and I would suggest that you order it whole and not cut up into pieces. That way the taste, the gravy/juice would stay inside till you 'tear' it apart to eat !
This is one of my favourite dishes in this restaurant. It is actually minced fish meat mixed with some sliced vegetables (turnip and carrots, I think) and then wrapped up in 'foo chuk' before being fried.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Unique Seafood Restaurant

23 November 2008

It is Mom's birthday today and we booked a room at Unique Seafood Restaurant along Jalan Kemajuan. They did some renovations and now they have some bigger, more spacious rooms at the back of the restaurant, complete with Karaoke too !
By the way, the fruits were not ordered from the restaurant. My father went to buy them from the fruit stall in Sea Park and brought them to the dinner !!

Desserts at Fitou Brasserie

23 November 2008

Had our usual Dim Sum brunch this morning and after that we headed over to Fitou to try out their desserts. The Lemon Tart was the tart of the day and tasted quite good except that I found the pastry a little too sweet for me. But I suppose, it is supposed to be eaten together with the lemon so the sourness of the lemon would cover the sweetness of the pastry !! The cheesecake went really well with my coffee !

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Spread @ The Gardens Hotel, KL

22 November 2008

The Spread is the coffee house of The Gardens Hotel at Mid Valley, KL located on the sixth floor. Currently they are having an Early Bird Buffet promotion whereby for 10 to 20 adults dining from 6pm to 8pm only, you are entitled to a 50% discount off the normal price of RM95 nett. We managed to make it a total of 10 adults and together with 3 children (all under the age of 12, get to eat for free), we headed to The Spread for their buffet !

The 'spread' was quite good ! The sashimi was fresh, oysters fresh and juicy, prawns were fresh too. The satay was cooked very well without being burnt and covered with carbon ! The roast lamb was also good and you get to choose between a mushroom gravy, black pepper gravy or mint sauce. For dessert you have freshly made waffles, and 'home made' ice cream. They sometimes even serve wasabi ice cream, but today we had black sesame ice cream plus some other flavours. Oh yes, for drinks, they serve water, coca cola or ice lemon tea (free flow) but not coffee though. It is not included in the buffet and costs RM14 per cup. But, it's really good, freshly brewed coffee !

A view of the city from The Spread !

This was taken at about 7.45pm, while the sun was setting.

Fitou Brasserie

21 November 2008

We passed by this new place sometime last month but it was still undergoing renovations. About 2 to 3 weeks back we saw that it was opened for business already. Fed up with eating only in PJ area we opted to try out this place.

One of the owners is Sebastian Le Francois, a Sommelier and according to him, his brother co-owns Le Bouchon in Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL. This restaurant has got a wonderful view of the 'waterfront', the man made lake in Desa Parkcity and they also sell various types of wines. Food here is quite interesting and the portions are not too small (for French standards), so it is definitely worth trying again.

EcoGreen Organic Restaurant

15 November 2008

Yes, this is a restaurant where they serve organic food ! Most people would shy away when they see 'Organic' food ! But in actual fact, this is really becoming the trend. It's very 'IN' to eat organic nowadays not to mention much healthier plus you get to really taste the natural sweetness of the vegetables ! Try it lah !! Then you'll know what I mean !

17 November 2008

Went to EcoGreen again, this time with friends. We had really great fun there eating organic and then chatting all the way till they had to clear the place to set up for a party that evening !