Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Erawan, Thai food

04 July 2009

This restaurant prides itself in buying the produce fresh from the market everyday.  They also do not believe in pre-cooking their dishes to ensure the freshness of what is served.  Which is why they would keep a record of what their customers like or dislike .. for example whether they can take their tom yum extra hot or not and so on.  So, before going there for your meals, all you have to do is give them a call, let them know who you are and they'll just whip out your records and serve your food to you just they way you like it !

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Restaurant Wei Hiong in Taman Desa, KL

05 July 2009

A simple chinese restaurant in Taman Desa.  Food is not too bad but the restaurant gets a little bit too noisy when it is crowded.  If you intend to go on a Sunday, it's best to be early (before the crowd) !!

I quite like this 'twin style shang yee' dish.  It'll be good after a cool, rainy day !

You'll need to pre-order this dish - Braised Lamb

12 July 2009

Yuzu @ The Gardens

27 July 2009

We were looking for something to eat and wanted to try a new place, somewhere we had not been to before ..... so .. Yuzu it was !

This dish was recommended as it was the tomato season in Japan.   It seems the tomatoes used in this salad was specially flown in all the way from Japan .. so it is 'fresh'.Well, we did order it and it was really as fresh as they told us it would be !!  Sweet, juicy tomatoes with some greens, yellows, purples ...  refreshing !!
The sashimi also tasted fresh and good !!Ebi tempura ... the prawns were a little too small for me !!  Prefer it if it were bigger prawns !The wagyu is juicy and tender.  It's like eating fat and letting it melt in your mouth !

Didn't get to try out too many dishes but from this selection, I'd say it's worth going back for more !!