Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More food from La Casa @ The Waterfront

14 July 2009

Here are some more food that we have tried at La Casa.

This Spicy Beef & Mango Salad tastes good, it has an asian feel to it. Maybe it's because of the lemongrass.

Pappa Rich

12 July 2009

We mostly go to Old Town White Coffee, Kluang Station, ... but have not tried Pappa Rich. We have passed by this kopitiam but really, have not given it a try. So this day while we were driving around and waiting to meet someone, we came here... Pappa Rich !
See the picture of the bread at the top? It's deeeelicious !!

In fact, I would say that I prefer the bread and drinks here than Kluang Station. :-)
13 July 2009

Some more stuff from Leonardo's

07 July 2009

Had dinner here to celebrate my uncle's birthday and also we promised to bring them to this restaurant. Here are some of the food that I have not mentioned before.
This is something new to the menu !

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

29 June 2009

We were at Cathay Cineleisure to watch a movie and after the show a certain someone had this craving for Pork Knuckle !! Hahaha! That's why we ended up here at the Bavarian Bierhaus !

More stuff from 19th Century @ The Curve

27 June 2009

Had our dinner here on a Saturday night. The restaurant is not totally packed but there were some diners here.

This soup is really good. It feels like you're drinking some oat drink but the texture's really good and the taste is good too !

Tried taking this dish, one with the flash on and the other without. Hmm... which is better ?

Monday, 6 July 2009

Penang - Ipoh - and back to KL !

26 May 2009
Today is the day we head back to KL and so another round of binging before we leave !
This is another quite famous coffee shop in Pulau Tikus. It was raining in the morning and also when we were there so I couldn't take a photo of the shop from the outside !

We tried the curry mee from this stall.Tried Penang Prawn Mee, again.
Also tried the Kueh Chap which I didn't find too good.And for dessert, we had the Raisin Pancake !

In Penang it's quite common to have a little plate/dish of home made stuff placed onto your table for you to 'try'. If you like what you have tasted you can then purchase the goodies from the lady who just placed the samples for you to try. If you don't, it's alright !!!
The coffee shop is next to this Pulau Tikus Plaza.Which is opposite this school.
After breakfast it was back to the hotel, pack and check out.
Bye Bye Penang !!
This is the Penang bridge we are on !!

An old 'coffee shop' in Ipoh called Thean Chun. You can say that this is a very nostalgic place to have your meal in Ipoh ! For me it is ! We have been coming here since 'my grandfather's time' !!!

The satay is absolutely yummy, delicious ..... (I'm feeling hungry now!!)
In Ipoh, taugeh & sar hor fun is a must !
The popiah is alright too!
A speciality in this coffee shop is the freshly squeezed orange juice & the caramel custard, another two of my favourites !!