Saturday, 17 May 2008


15 May 2008

At last we're making Doughnuts, my favourite ! It's not so difficult to make after all... just that we've got to fry it once we're done. We didn't make the Cinnamon Rolls like I thought but did the Chelsea Buns instead. It's similar to the Cinnamon Rolls but it doesn't have the cinnamon taste or the aroma which is quite a waste as I really like the cinnamon smell !! We also made a Ragi Walnut Bread. Ragi is a type of flour that is used to make thosai. We mixed it with walnuts and added our bread recipe and so we have the Ragi Walnut Bread !! This is the end of our bread making module and we start with Pastries on Saturday !

A picture of the doughnuts before they were fried !

Here's one of them in the fryer
The end product!

Here's one of the Chelsea Buns before they were popped into the oven.

And, after !
This is the Ragi Walnut Bread

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