Friday, 27 February 2009

Rakuzen, Rakuzen, Rakuzen ....

We've come here twice in the same week, just like we did with Hanazen (previous post). Think we will lay off Japanese for a little while. We've got salmon head coming out of our ears!! Will do the comparison and post it soon !!
23 February 2009

25 February 2009

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One

23 February 2009

We were told that they serve Pork Knuckle here and so here we came !! If you look at the pictures closely, you will see that there is none of the Pork Knuckle ! The beer's good. The Roast Pork would have been better if it were served, hotter ! The Belgium fries were very tasty !! Burp !

Thursday, 26 February 2009

O'Brien's, The Curve

21 February 2009
This is actually our 'late lunch' (more like high tea I think!). I was really very full after this meal!! Thought we were supposed to have a light meal since we were having it so late but we ended up with this.

Porto Romano Restaurant @ TTDI

17 February 2009

It's my little sister's birthday and she picked this restaurant for her dinner ! Heh heh! Didn't realise that she was the only one who hadn't been here for the food before ! Oh well, better late than never.

Squid ringsPizzaRissotto
Squid ink PastaActually didn't order this but I took a photo of it before we told the waiter that it wasn't our order! I think it may have been some pesto spaghetti thingy !
Another pizza !! Stuffed Chicken Breast Coffee !! Apple Strudle with Ice Cream Tiramisu (with alcohol)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant, Jaya One

16 February 2009

I think we must have been in a Japanese food mood this week 'coz we came here twice !! I am going to do a comparison on the portion sizes between this restaurant (Hanazen) and Rakuzen, just to satisfy my own curiosity !! But so far, I think the taste of the food is slightly better over here, in Hanazen.

18 February 2009