Thursday, 2 October 2008

Pho Hoa @ The Curve

24 September 2008

My mother had an operation to remove the cataract from her eye today and since we were at the Curve, and it was lunch time, we gave this restaurant a try. Pho Hoa had been around for quite a while but somehow or other we have not eaten here before. There were only three of us so we couldn't have much variety. Decided to have the usual Vietnamese Papaya & Beef Salad, a gigantic bowl of Pho with everything in it and my mother had the Beef & Tomato Stew with bread !

I'm not too sure if the authentic Vietnamese dishes are more towards the simple, slightly bland side or not. The 'Vietnamese' food that I have tried over at Vietnam Kitchen seemed to be spicier and tastier. Whether or not they have been adjusted to suit our Malaysian taste buds, I don't know ?! Never mind, I'll just have both ! They taste good to me anyway !

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