Thursday, 30 October 2008

Kuching Eating Holiday - Day 4

The Quest for Food in Kuching, Sarawak

27 October 2008 - Day 4

The plan was to have Sarawak Laksa and then Kolo Mee (at the man with an attitude's place) .. But alas, that was not to be for this place was not opened for business today ! Apparently Anthony Bourdain came here to try out the laksa, well, he came, but we didn't !

Next stop, Kolo Mee at Min Joo Cafe (corner of Bishop Street & Carpenter Street)

This place is famous because ..... you have to wait and wait and you must not even utter a single word of displeasure if not, you will be told off !!

And we still want to go there ?!!

Hahaha! Yup ! I have heard about this place and also read about it in other peoples' blogs so I MUST give it a try, after all, I'm prepared !!

Here's what happens.

1) You find a seat and then wait.

2) Then a man (chef's son) takes your order and then promptly comes with the utensils.

After that you just have to wait.

3) When the 'drinks' lady sees the utensils on your table, she will then take your orders for drinks.

4) Not too long after drinks are served, your meal will arrive !

All in all we only waited about 45 minutes. That's not too bad as it was not the peak hour. The Noodles and the Pig's Innards soup were good and definitely worth the wait ! Maybe the trick is to go there early before the crowd comes and before their attitudes change !?


  1. I'm not sure when is their off day but the sarawak laksa there usually end before 9am, if lucky, before 10am, you have to go there early in the morning hehehe...

  2. yup! now i know. but we're definitely thinking of going to kuching again. so much more to eat !!
    thanks for the tip !

  3. When, i was in Kuching in May for job assignment, i went to the same shop, hoping to try the "kolo mee", recommended to me by the taxi driver. I didn't know the "kolo mee" was so famous there?! Unfortunately, he finished selling his stock for the day. Hey, did you try the "kopi & roti bakar" ..stall on the way to airport? The taxi drive brought me there..along the road-side got a lot of big cars stopping by just to have its "kopi & roti bakar"..ok lah.
    Next time you plan to go to Kuching again..don't forget me, ya

  4. aiyo! didn't try the kopi & roti bakar. do you have the name of the shop then maybe I can let LY know as she goes quite often ?