Thursday, 16 October 2008

After Dragon i comes Canton i

06 October 2008

The tickets for Mamma Mia go on sale today ! My friend and I headed to the Axcess outlet at 1 Utama to get them thinking that the head office would be swamped with people anyway !! We were in for a surprise when we arrived, there was a lllloooooooonnnnnnggggggg queue and later on I discovered that people were actually there before the counter opened for business ! All in all we had to queue in line and wait our turn for about 2 hours !! While we waited we started to feel really hungry and after thinking through we decided on Canton i. It is located in between the old and new wings of 1 Utama on the ground floor. By the time we went for lunch it was already way passed lunch time.


  1. there is dragon y in penang! LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday! Was trying to find comments box to wish you...but there is none, so gotta resort to this.