Thursday, 16 October 2008

Kenyan Culinary Safari @ Istana Hotel, KL

15 October 2008

There was an ad in the papers that mentioned a Kenyan Culinary Safari so we called up, made a booking and headed for our Kenyan adventure !! I have never eaten Kenyan food before, all I know is that they have 'game' to eat ! When we arrived at the hotel's coffee house, Taman Sari, we were greeted by 2 Masai warriors who let us have a glass of milk ... it tasted a bit like yoghurt or lassi. As we were heading towards our table, there were another group of Masai warriors playing music and singing. After we found our table, the captain then led us round the buffet line to introduce to us the Kenyan food.

I didn't follow him around at first as I was very taken with the table setting they had. I just HAD to take some pictures !

Aren't they cute ?! Then we went around to get our food. Even the Kenyan Head Chef was on hand to guide us through the food and explain to us how it should be eaten !

Kenyan food is not as spicy or 'heavy' tasting as I thought. In fact, it was a little on the simple slightly bland side ! Some of the food didn't look very appetising because of its colours but once you taste it, there is actually TASTE ! They even had curries in their menu.

After dinner there was a Kenyan dance show at the hotel lobby.

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  1. How interesting! I was in South Africa many years ago and if Kenyan food is any thing like that, it's definitely delicious.