Monday, 28 July 2008

Lunch at Soho (with discounts too)

21 July 2008

Had lunch at this restaurant in 1 Utama called Soho. It's been around for quite a while but today is the first time my husband is going there! As it was close to 3pm I figured we would be able to order from the 30% discount menu ! When I dined there with my mother the last time, we purposely went there at about 3pm so that we could enjoy the discount. But I think that since a few other outlets have opened, business has been a little slow, which is why they now offer the 30% discount menu from 10.30 in the morning !! Yahoo, good for us !

Here are a few dishes that we tried, that were from the 30% discount menu. They are, the Abalone Shiu Mai, Hakka Rice Roll, Har Gou, Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling (Xiao Long Pau), Sichuan Spicy Noodles and for dessert, we had the Signature Flowy Custard Bun. I must say that the dim sum was still good and so was the Xiao Long Pau. But a must when dining at Soho is the Signature Flowy Custard Bun. I have tried this similar dish at Canton-i but somehow the custard was not as flowy and not hot enough. It is actually quite fun and challenging trying to eat the bun while the custard is flowing out and at the same time piping hot!

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