Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Eat-A-Lot Holiday (Part 1)

19 to 20 July 2008

KL to Bidor

We went to Penang for a 2 day, 1 night Eat-A-Lot tour with some friends recently. Started off at Rawang where we met up to begin our journey. First stop was at Bidor, a small town in Perak famous for it's Guavas. We had our breakfast at a very old restaurant famous for its Steamed Duck Noodles. This shop has been around for a fairly long time. I remember going there ever since I was a kid.

There is another shop at the corner next to the petrol kiosk that also sells Steamed Duck Noodles and actually I find that one better. But this, being a famous old restaurant, has a lot more people going there. Plus, they sell the famous Kampar Chicken Biscuit and other stuff too. And the corner shop was not open and selling their stuff as yet !

Notice how everything seems to be really famous ?!!

Here's a picture of Kwan Che the owner of the fruit stall next to the restaurant. She's a very nice and friendly lady who loves to chat ! She asked me to take this photo of her and she even showed us photos from her recent holiday on a cruise !Bidor to Ipoh

From there we went on to Ipoh an old mining town in Perak. (Ipoh has since been awarded the city status) My father used to bring us to Ipoh on a Sunday just to eat the Sar Hor Fun and Satay and also at this restaurant (Restaurant Teen Chun) they serve Custard and Fresh Orange Juice. Slurp !

Anyway, today we didn't go there but tried out some other good stuff recommended by some friends. We started by looking for Egg Tarts. I would usually go to my favourite stall at Simee Market but today we were already running late (the stall closes by 10.30am) so we had to try a different stall. After looking around for a while we found what we thought was THE ONE !

Well, it didn't look like what I thought would be delicious and after eating it, I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone going all the way to Ipoh for ! Only later, on the way back from Penang, did I know that even this was NOT the stall. That particular one recommended was also closed ! It looks alright but for me, I like egg tarts with really flaky pastry. The type that would fall apart the minute you take a bite and then it melts in your mouth thereafter ! Mmmmm..... nevermind, next dish ... Ipoh's famous Tau Fu Fa. The name of this shop should be easy to remember ... Funny Mountain !

The Tau Fu Fa at this stall is really good. It's just the right consistency, smooth, not too soft but hard enough to be scooped up in your spoon and the syrup was not too sweet either.

After having the delicious Tau Fu Fa, we headed for Penang. We haven't had our lunch yet, remember ?

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