Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Eat-A-Lot Holiday (Part 2)

19 to 20 July 2008

Ipoh to Penang

We had lunch in Bukit Tambun. It's not exactly on a hill but they have a little fishing village and the seafood here is definitely much cheaper than on Penang Island. Yes, Bukit Tambun is on mainland Penang meaning Seberang Prai. There are quite a few restaurants here but this is the one we frequent whenever we go to Penang.

This is known as Chee Lor (spiky shells). Its blanched in hot water and then you need to use a toothpick (or something sharp) to get the meat out. A bit like snails !
Fried Yuen Hock Hai Fried Mee Sua
Baby Octopus. This is also blanched in hot water and you dip it into the sauces and then eat it. We used to have to go all the way to Nibong Tebal or Bukit Tambun to eat this dish but it is now available also at Restaurant Teo Chew Meng. This restaurant has a lot of branches, some being in SS2, Subang, Menjalara etc.
After having our lunch, we proceeded to cross the Penang Bridge into Penang Island. There was a slight traffic jam after the toll gate on the way to the Bridge and we spent quite some time there ! Decided to go for some good hawker food before checking into the hotel. (Didn't want to miss any of the food in case they get sold out!)

Here we are at Georgetown for our Chee Cheong Fun with Har Kou and Mixed Pork Porridge.
This stall that sells Mixed Pork Porridge begins her business around 3.30pm to 4pm and by 5pm it is sold out. That is why we really had to get here before checking into the hotel !

Here's a picture of the porridge, the fried intestines, char siew and minced pork. Yummy!!

After lunch we decided to pack some desserts to have at the hotel. We ordered the Lin Chee Kang with extra Gingko and the Almond Paste Soup.

Sigh... just writing about this makes me feel hungry. How I long to eat the Chee Cheong Fun and the Porridge again !

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