Sunday, 15 March 2009

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, The Club

08 March 2009

We have tried their food at the main branch but have not gone there for the past year already. Then, a friend mentioned this restaurant and said that it was at Bandar Utama ? And then, I saw the advertisement mentioning that they were to be opening soon at The Club. Fast forward a few weeks and it was my friend's baby's full moon day! We were invited to have lunch here and so this is where we came !! This restaurant is famous for its porky stuff and my friend ordered 3 dishes of pork !! We ate till we had pork flowing out of our ears !! When I had a pork dish again that night, I couldn't bring myself to eat another bite !! Hahaha!

This is also a pork dish. Chunky pork marinated and then cooked. The sauce is slightly sweet and the pork has 3 layers, skin, fat and meat !!

We had no time to bother with the fish, don't forget we had 3 pork dishes !

We also had fried rice but I was so busy eating I didn't take a photo of it !!
15 March 2009
Went to this restaurant again and tried this pork dish!!

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