Tuesday, 17 March 2009


15 March 2009

My friend entered a contest and won this macaroon baking class. As she is working overseas she couldn't attend this class and so, passed it on to me! I've never made any macaroons before and also was not quite sure what it is. But after attending the class, I found that it is quite fun and easy to make. Just that you would need to take your time with it. Taste wise, it is a bit too sweet for me though !!


  1. Looks very nice wor!! :D

    I love macaroons! Especially pistachio ones. Yes, they can be a little sweet. But I guess if you make it yourself, can always cut down on the sugar right?

  2. Are you sure the price at Leonardo's is reasonable. The food and place looks good with your good photography. I remember you also showed a pix of another joint that serves Lamb Shank. Any vast difference in price? Thanks.
    Bored Goat.

  3. Your macaroons looks good. But macaroons is not my cuppa tea. Got recipe for Ginger Biscuits? Ginger Nut.