Thursday, 5 March 2009

EARTH HOUR - some background information

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What is it?

Earth Hour is a global WWF climate change initiative. Individuals, businesses and governments will turn out their lights for one hour to show their support for action on climate change. In 2009 Earth Hour aims to reach 1 billion people in 1,000 cities.

When is it?

Saturday March 28, 2009 from 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Why do it?

The effects of climate change caused by carbon emissions pose the greatest threat to life on Earth. Only by changing the world’s collective attitude towards the use of carbon-emitting energy sources can we alleviate this threat.

Participating in Earth Hour is a contribution to a united global message to individuals, businesses, politicians and governments around the world that climate change affects and is the responsibility of the global community.

What will it achieve?

The objective of Earth Hour 2009 is to get as many individuals, households and businesses around the world to turn off their lights and electrical appliances for one hour.Earth Hour aims to educate the global community about the threat of climate change and how easy it is for individuals and businesses to make small changes to the way they live and operate - small changes that will make a big difference.

Earth Hour 2009 hopes to deliver a global mandate for environmental reform to world leaders attending the UN Conference for Climate Change in Copenhagen, December 2009, to strike up a new global climate deal to usurp Kyoto.

History of Earth Hour

The inaugural Earth Hour took place in Sydney on 31 March 2007, when over two million people and two thousand businesses across the city turned off their lights and appliances for one hour.

From its relative humble beginnings, the Earth Hour message has swept the planet.In 2008, 50 million people across 35 countries turned off their lights in support of Earth Hour, sending a message across the globe that the collective actions of individuals really can change the world.

Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach 1 billion people in 1,000 cities globally.

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