Sunday, 23 November 2008

EcoGreen Organic Restaurant

15 November 2008

Yes, this is a restaurant where they serve organic food ! Most people would shy away when they see 'Organic' food ! But in actual fact, this is really becoming the trend. It's very 'IN' to eat organic nowadays not to mention much healthier plus you get to really taste the natural sweetness of the vegetables ! Try it lah !! Then you'll know what I mean !

17 November 2008

Went to EcoGreen again, this time with friends. We had really great fun there eating organic and then chatting all the way till they had to clear the place to set up for a party that evening !


  1. Wow! What do you do beside EAT and snaap beautiful photos? How about putting the approximate prices of the dishes you had? Thanks. Keep up the good work?

  2. Thanks for the comment. Am actually thinking of what I can do to spice up this blog !