Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Baby Blankets

29 September 2008 & 06 November 2008

It took me some time, but I managed to get it done in time for my friend who was due to have her baby somewhere in the beginning of November. (Baby came about a week earlier.)

The second baby blanket was supposed to be for my other friend whose baby was due in the middle of December. Somehow, I managed to get one done for the first baby but the second baby decided to join in the fun and came earlier too!

Baby N was born on 29 October 2008 and Baby '?' (we don't know his name yet) on 31 October 2008 !! You must imagine what a rush I was into ... trying to get the second blankie ready for the new baby !! Have visited Baby N and he's such a sweet baby. This noisy Aunty forgot that he was around and was playing 'loudly' with his elder sister but, he slept soundly through ! Heh heh ! Can't wait to visit Baby '?' As he came earlier he has to be in the Baby ICU. I hope he gets to go home soon.

Baby Blankie for Baby N (with purple trimmings)

Baby Blankie for Baby '?' (with orange trimmings)

I hope these blankies keep the baby safe and warm on any cold, rainy nights ... and ... I hope they won't grow up and one day say "I wonder who gave me that ugly crochet blankie?"

These are my first 2 crochet blankies and I'm pretty proud of them ! My first blankie was knitted and as you all know, I'm very very slow at knitting. Since there were 2 babies due, I decided to go ahead with crocheting them instead.


  1. Hey, i am really impressed with your hand-work. The blankies looks great with the crochet. So, how long did you take to complete 1 blankie? and the fact you need to rush for time with the babies arrival!..hehe

  2. I took my time to do the first one, coz I started in April/May this year. Finished it sometime in July/August. But was doing the second one in June. Thought I could do it slowly but then had to rush in the end ! Hahaha! This means we must never dilly dally but always plan ahead and get things done beforehand !!