Monday, 15 September 2008

4 days of Eating in Bangkok

Travel & Eat-A-Lot Day 3
26 August 2008

A friend recommended this restaurant called Banana Leaf in Silom Complex and we decided to try it. This is what my friend said, "You'll thank me once you've been there to try the food!!"
With this kind of comment, we really had to give it a try !
We took the BTS (skytrain) to Silom and had to wait at the entrance for the shopping complex to open! We were there by 10.30am and they only open at 11am !! Anyway, we waited and at 11am sharp, a guard came to open the doors. We went in and started looking for the restaurant, found it BUT we had to wait again as it only starts serving at 12 noon. Oh well ..... we took a stroll around the shopping complex while waiting for it to 'open'. While the rest went shopping, my husband and I went to the supermarket to have a look. On the way in, we saw this cute ice cream store called Umm ... Milk ! It is actually by the same people who operate Chokchai Farmhouse, a local farm that not only rears its own cows, but has restaurants selling its beef steaks and also this ice cream outlet. We tried the 2 basic flavours, milk and vanilla. It was GOOD, really milky too. After walking around, it was time to head over to Banana Leaf. We ordered almost half of what was on the menu ! Here's what we had.

The food here is really good. We decided that when we come to Bangkok again, we would try the remainder of the items on the menu !
After lunch we walked around a bit more and then decided to head over to Siam Paragon again. That mall is so huge that even going back again this second time, we couldn't finish browsing through all the shops ! Found a really nice bookshop here too ! Ended our evening by going to the supermarket again and then bought these 2 sandwiches and a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of calamansi juice for tea time ! Don't ask me why, but the name of this stall is "Its happened to be ... " !!!

Dinner was at this German restaurant called Ratsstube near the German Embassy. If you like german food, like pork knuckles this is a good place to go to as it is really not expensive at all. Much, much cheaper than in KL !

After dinner, it's back to the hotel for supper ! Hey, after all, this is our last night in Bangkok ! We head for home tomorrow !!

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