Wednesday, 10 September 2008

4 days of eating in Bangkok

Travel & Eat-A-Lot - Day 2

25 August 2008

Today we go shopping and eating !! First stop, Platinum Shopping Mall. This is a wholesale shopping centre and you are supposed to buy in bulk, ie. at least 4 pieces per item. Wanted to take some photos of the shopping mall but was not allowed to. However, I took a photo of the entrance to the mall, here it is !!

Since we were supposed to be on a mega shopping spree, we had lunch at the food court on the 6th floor of this mall. Food was not much to shout about, but here are some photos of what we ate. Out of everything I tried, the black jelly was the best. Not too sweet and the jelly's texture was just nice and crunchy !

After lunch, I had had enough of shopping, so my husband and I walked over to Siam Paragon. This is an upmarket shopping mall and it is really huge. If you ask me, I'd say it beats our Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur anytime. The layout is fantastic and they even have nice water features in the mall. Plus, the supermarket is really good... lots of varieties and even lots more free tasting !! We were quite tired after walking so much, so we stopped for coffee at Whittards. Very nice place, next to the 'river' and you can hear water flowing and the fountain too! Very relaxing...

In the evening, we went for a show called Siam Niramit (Siam's Miracle). The show was superb! Effects was very good too!

After the show, we went for supper at Heng Shark's Fin recommended by a friend. But, a dissapointment yet again. The food was so-so only and it was expensive! Well, hopefully tomorrow's lunch (recommended by another friend) will be good, to make up for all these !


  1. wow, all the pictures are making me real hungry right now!

  2. gip me the name cards!!! and the food u ordered!!
    ur sista!