Saturday, 6 September 2008

4 days of eating in Bangkok

Travel & Eat-a-Lot - Day 1
Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

24 August 2008

Went to Bangkok for a 4 day eating spree! Flew by (Thai) Air Asia and came back on the (M'sia) Air Asia. The flight there was alright and the flight attendants were very good as well. As usual, the minute the aircraft lands and taxis to the 'parking area' for us to get out of the aircraft, passengers start taking off their seat belts (even though the light on the seat belt sign is still lit). Some would even start turning on their mobile phones and getting their luggages off the overhead compartment ! I was quite annoyed at what was happening, furthermore, don't the passengers know that it is not safe to turn on their mobile phones before the aircraft comes to a complete stop ? The waves from the mobile phone may interfere with the aircraft's instruments and may cause an accident ! Not to mention bags falling from overhead compartments in case the aircraft suddenly stops ! Anyway, the (Thai) flight attendant picked up the microphone and told the passengers to 'please remain seated' and even spoke to one of the passengers in front about leaving his newly retrieved luggage on the aisle ! Good job to her! My husband said that it is mainly due to peoples' ignorance of what would happen when they don't follow the rules.

Anyway, we arrived at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport and got a taxi to bring us to the hotel. The rooms were not ready so we decided to head out to lunch. First stop, Baan Klang Nam 1 restaurant.

This restaurant is located by the riverside and it has a branch just a few roads away too, called Baan Klang Nam 2.

We went to Chatuchak Market after lunch. This market only opens during weekends and mainly sells in bulk (wholesale). There is a mall next to the market called JJ Mall and this place is air conditioned unlike the market. So for a more relaxed shopping experience JJ Mall would be a better bet !

We went back to the hotel after shopping and the rooms were ready ! Had a short rest and then left for dinner at another restaurant called Kruajengor. Food here is really good !!

After eating all these food, you may not believe it when I say that we went for supper right after this ! This place was inroduced to us by our God daughter's parents who went there when they were in Bangkok. Tawandang serves German food and has its own brewery.

The pork knuckle that we had was really good and its skin was very crispy ! Not to worry, we shared the pork knuckle amongst the 6 of us !


  1. hey.. didnt know u gys been to Bangkok lately... I wanted to tumbang buy thing leh..shd tell me mah...hehe!
    from, Jasmine

  2. Hahaha! It's titled 4 days of EATING mah !!