Sunday, 15 June 2008

First Lesson in Baking Cakes

10 June 2008

At last! We're learning how to bake cakes... which also means our lessons are coming to an end soon. ... oh well...

We made some simple-to-bake cakes today... a Butter Cake, a Banana Cake and a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. I quite like the Butter Cake as it was moist enough... unlike my previous tries at home where they turned out dry !
Also learnt this thingy about Specific Gravity (SG) - where we measure the SG for the batter before baking the cake. Never heard of this before and was wondering what it was. But maybe it's also good to know so that in future I can measure all my cake batter for their SG before baking to ensure that the cake turns out right !

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