Monday, 28 April 2008

Back To School !!

26 April 2008 - after a very long wait, my classes have finally begun ! I signed up for a Certificate In Baking (part time) class at the Malaysian Institute of Baking. This course is designed for people like me who would like to get a general knowledge of the different preparations of different baked goods. We would be learning how to bake breads, pastries and cakes over a course of 24 lessons (about 2 months). So now I would be going for lessons twice a week in the evenings and one in the afternoon. At our first lesson we learnt about the 'sponge & dough' method of making bread. And... this is the first time I have ever baked bread! We made a sandwich loaf and a panettone. Brought the finished goods back home for my friends and family to try out. Got good reviews ! Am very happy since this is the first time I'm making bread ! The second class would be on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it. Now with these lessons I would learn more about the techniques and things to take note of when preparing and baking. THIS IS REALLY GOING TO BE FUN !!


  1. Hi, i am thinking to enrol the part-time baking course in MIB. Any comment or advice ?

  2. Hello there ! Sorry, have not been checking my blog !
    Yeah! Do sign up, give them a call for the new schedule. Classes there is really fun and also they do give you notes and explain to you the 'science' of baking. You'll learn a lot from there.
    Have fun !