Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Makan Makan in Ipoh & Kampar

23 June 2009

Another eating trip ! We tried to squeeze in as much food as we could in this one day, but some of the food had to be bought from the morning market !! So, being very smart, we had someone do the buying for us so that we could have it for tea !!

Our first stop is to this restaurant in Ipoh, Pasir Puteh to be exact. There is another 2 restaurants with this same name (but in Chinese) in Pusing and Jalan Horley. The story is that the first restaurant in Pusing and its branch in Jalan Horley used to have 2 or more owners. One of them decided to come out on his/her own and opened this one in Pasir Puteh. So, it is not in any way related to the other 2 outlets. But nevertheless, the menu and the look of the restaurant is nearly the same !!

Oh, by the way, the other 2 are known as Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant.

When you arrive and take your seat and order the food, you will be served a bowl of porridge !
Did we really look that hungry ??!

The food here is really good and I wouldn't mind coming again to eat !!

Next stop, Kampar for some nostalgia !

My mother used to come here often when she was little and as with all the shops in old towns... this one has been around for 3 generations !
These are bought from Kam Ling Restaurant across the road.These are all the stuff that we had 'someone' buy for us from the morning market !

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