Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fathers' Day makan @ Nerofico

21 June 2009

Brunch with my parents today! Not because we're celebrating Fathers' Day but, just because. Most people would think our family is wierd. We don't celebrate stuff like Fathers' Day nor Mothers' Day. We find it very commercialised. To me, it's like ... why must we only treat our parents nice on these two supposedly special days? Why do our parents need to wait just for these 2 days to have something special ? If you'd noticed, all restaurants/eateries will be fully booked and packed with people dining on these days. Sigh ...

Anyway, enough about my own opinions !!

Here's pictures of the stuff we had.

I liked this dish. Tasted really nice with white wine and all. Pizza was good as well. Hmm... looking at it now makes me wanna eat it again !This dish is so-so only (to me that is).Coffee is ggggooooooddddd !!!!
Ordered a tiramisu to share and it came like that !!

Anyway, Happy Fathers' Day lah!!

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