Friday, 17 April 2009

Iketeru, KL Hilton Hotel

03 April 2009

This meal cost us RM750 but luckily we had the Hilton Card which we borrowed from our uncle and we got a 50% discount off our meal !! I think in order to eat at a hotel, you will really need to have one of their 'cards', that way when 2 persons dine, you get at least a 50% off your meal. Otherwise, it would be really too expensive to dine there anyway !


  1. You have a great blog here with all the luxury dining which not every blogger can afford to visit those places. But I think your blog would be more attractive if you can enlarge all those pictures. Photos are the main factor to attract readers who want to know exactly the ambiance and the food of the places.

  2. it's been close to a year since you mentioned to me about making the pictures larger ... how's it now ?