Friday, 3 April 2009

18 March 2009, a very special full-filling day !!

18 March 2009
This is a very special day and look, we have all the food to prove it !! Haha! We started off the day with breakfast at Starbucks. Well, we had our sandwiches and of course coffee !

Then we waited, and waited. We waited till just about lunch time and we couldn't bear just sitting around doing nothing. So, we headed off to Bangsar Village (the old wing). After walking around aimlessly (even over to the new wing) we decided to have light lunch. My cousin told me about this cafe so we decided to give it a try.

Started off with the two of us having a salad to share. But then, my mother and my aunt came... and then surprise! We bumped into my cousin too! What to do then ? Order more food lah !!
Heh heh!
And then we waited again.
Then we received an sms. My brother mentioned that it was getting closer. We headed back.
And then, we waited yet again !! Even my father came over. We all waited together.
Parents then left for home to get our grandma. My sister and I waited while my aunt left to get some stuff.
Both of us then decided that we should scout around ! We did ! Aunt came back and the three of us waited some more. Received an sms from my brother again, saying that it's time !!
We wait, excitedly this time ! Busy sms-ing and calling my parents and husband. Hurry up !! This can't wait !!
And then, it arrived !! Our beautiful little niece !! Yahoo !!!!!
Uncle then arrived. Parents, Grandma, Hubby !! All were here to welcome our new addition to the family !! Yup ! That's what we were waiting for.
All this waiting has gotten us hungry ! What to do ? Dinner time already. We've read about this restaurant in the papers and decided we should give it a try.

That's how we ended up having dinner at Hatyai Street.

Oh happy day !! Burp !!

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