Saturday, 16 August 2008

Farewell & Birthday Dinner

15 August 2008

As mentioned, we were going to have a really heavy dinner (that's why we couldn't order too much for lunch!) All the dishes you see here have to be pre-ordered.

The group thought that the fried brinjals were actually fried potatoes !! Hahaha!

Steamed Pomfret Rolls stuffed with prawns.
A close up picture of the Pomfret rolls

The bones are not spared ... they are deep fried and very crispy !!

There may not be many dishes but the portions given are huge so the only other dish we ordered was Fried Kai Lan ! Hope the whole gang enjoyed the food.

Time really flies and in two weeks our friends will be leaving for Perth, Australia. They are emigrating there so it will be some time before we meet again. All the best to them !

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