Saturday, 16 August 2008

Brisik Restaurant at Jaya One

11 August 2008

Took a break from watching telly and had lunch at Brisik Restaurant at Jaya One. It's a new restaurant and they serve local food as well as Indonesian food. Here's what we tried.

The Nyonya Laksa was creamy enough but too bad the santan (coconut milk) was not quite fresh as it should be. Actually wanted to try the Nasi Ampeng but that was for four persons and there were only two of us, so we tried the Nasi Brisik instead. The rice is actually pumpkin rice and it is served with fish and some vegetables. The Fried Chicken that was part of the Nasi Ampeng was so-so. I prefer the type that they serve at Indian Curry Houses ! The price was not exactly cheap too but if you're craving for something Indonesian, then maybe it is alright.

Hmm... writing about Indonesian food makes me think about the Crispy Duck Rice again !


  1. Anticipating a good time with friends over lunch at Brisik, it turned out to be one of the least memorable and disappointing outing. NO THANKS to BRISIK Manager who was rude and need to take a class in Hospitality if he wishes to continue to work in the Hospitality sector.

    Waited over an hour for food to be served to all of our 20+ guests. Brisik Manager revealed that their supplier didn't come to deliver hence he himself had to go out to purchase ingredients himself. Well, bonus point to the manager.. well, you would think.. NOT!

    The manager then said we should have not order ala carte as it's only for dinner time. HUH? In their menu, it's printed that Set Lunch only available from 3pm to 6pm.

    Well, I took the courage to talk to the manager to see what really is the issue in getting the food served in a timely manner to us as he himself didn't even know what is still needed to be cooked and served to us.

    I asked the manager to consider some goodwill gesture since the service was so appaling. The manager stated that it's pointless to offer us any discount as we already had a bad experience and probably will not return. I hinted to the manager that what he does or doesn't do will determine whether any of us would even consider coming back to Brisik.

    At the end, when we asked for the bill, no discount was given. An item which was not delivered was in the bill. When it was pointed out, the manager said just subtract the cost of the item from the bill. DUH!!! It was already factored in the taxes. We politely asked the manager to take back the bill and re-issue the bill correctly.

    Now, this is the saddest part. After leaving, only various one disclosed that the food served them didn't have the main ingredients as stated in the menu. For example, Seafood Laksa with only bean sprouts and veg without any seafood! And this is just a tip of the ice-berg.

    Well, enough is enough. It's sad to know that Brisik, through the actions of the manager, does not even show any remorse in their lack of values in the area of hospitality.

    Would I recommend Brisik? YOU MUST BE JOKING! Of course not!

  2. peter koh (Brisik Restaurant)26 March 2009 at 18:12

    I would like to make my sincere apologizes to this brother in christ. my dear brother, i do purchases to stock for this company. if i m not mistaken sir, that day was a sunday when sir turn up with your brother and sisters in christ just after church for lunch. If that kind of attitude that think sir i m rude, i m sorry again. for your information sir, i been in this service industry for almost 16years. and always practice cumtomer is alway right. I also practice if customer complaints, i always try to make them happy again by giving discounts or void whatever the item is the complaint. just to make sure my customers return back. and i always practice to say thank you whenever my guests leave the restaurant. just for your infomation only. If that day i m really so rude i m sorry again. it will never hurt me just to say sorry or thank you, for i been practicing it for 16years. Thank u sir for your nice blog . GOD BLESS.

  3. Brisik do serve very nice food!!! not just normal nice but really nice. been there a lot of times already and i am going back tomorrow again!

    Try the Ayam Penyet, Nasi Bumbu(has ayam penyek in it)... and nasi kampung brisik...

    A lot, however i always think tat their nasi is better then their mee... nice Peter will sometime offer free desert as well!

    Louis keng(012-583-6843)(* i guarentee this is a restaurant for you to try out and see!)