Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Two Birthday Cakes and a New Year Cupcake !

09 January 2008 - Happy New Year!! It's time for resolutions and maybe I should put mine as .. to bake better cakes, better looking cakes and to update this blog more often. But then again, I seldom make resolutions anyway ! Hahaha! Oh well, just to update this blog on what I did before the new year .....

15 December 2007 - my mother in law had a 60th birthday party and yes, I baked the cake. Was not too happy with it though. Had some problems and also not enough time (yes, I am still slow) so this is the result ..

29 December 2007 - then my aunt had a birthday and my cousin sister asked me to bake a chocolate cake for the dinner. Yes, the ever famous chocolate cake! I made it using the same recipe that is posted in this blog but this time in order to make it more moist, I tried something different !

First I pre-heated the oven while I was mixing the ingredients, then once the cake was ready to be baked, I put it into the oven and increased the heat to 200 degrees celcius for 10 minutes.
After that I lowered it to 160 degrees celcius and for the last 10 minutes I increased it back to 180 degrees celcius.
Outcome : VERY GOOD ! The cake was moist, texture was soft (but not too soft).... I was very happy with the results. Here's what it looked like.

05 January 2008 - finally the new year and I attended a Puppy Cupcake class with a friend. Class was supposed to be held on 30 December but I think because of the holidays many weren't able to attend. So, the class was postponed to 05 January instead. The class was fun, we learnt how to use modelling paste to decorate 2 cupcakes and make it into a 'puppy' cupcake. I had problems trying to attach the ear to the puppy. It kept falling off ! The paste also kept drying very fast. I think it was because of the air conditioner that was right above me. Maybe that's why the paste for the ear couldn't stick onto the puppy's head. Anyway, it stuck in the end but alas, it dropped off when I got home. Sigh !

Coming up next would be a cake that I would be baking for a friend whose daughter is turning 5 and the theme that I'm working on is Enchanted Princesses. Hope it turns out good ! Till then... adios !


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