Friday, 25 January 2008

I've Been Dreaming of a True Love's Kiss .. lalalala

24 January 2008 - well... I did it ! I made the 'Enchanted Princess' birthday cake on the 20th of January !! I'm so happy I managed to do it. Wouldn't have liked to see the dissappointed look on a child's face if I didn't fulfill my promise ! The base of this cake is made of 10 inch (diameter) styrofoam, the middle level is my ever 'popular' chocolate cake (8 inch cake) and the top layer is butter cake (6 inch cake). Didn't want the bottom layer to be cake as there were only about 20 adults and if I made a 3 tier cake we wouldn't have been able to finish it. Since this was a cake for a 5 year old I also didn't want to cover it with too much flowers but used hundreds and thousands and some flower shaped sprinkles instead. The patterns on the bottom layer were inspired by a story book which had patterns like these for its fairytales !

I scanned the pictures of the Disney princesses into my computer (from some stickers I bought) and printed four princesses. Also changed the 'heads' of the same four princesses to be those of my friend's daughter ! Altogether I put 8 princesses on the cake !

But.. I think the birthday girl was a bit shocked to see her own face on the princesses. She preferred the real princesses instead of those with her face ! But her mom liked it though !

Note : Children might not see the fun side of having their faces superimposed on characters or bodies that are not theirs !

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