Thursday, 17 September 2009

Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel

18 July 2009
If you ever get a craving for Wagyu this is THE place to go !

The bread & butter are on the house and you can even get them replenished !!  Believe me, you would, the bread is really good.  Warm, when they serve it to you!

These cookies came with the coffee we ordered, but I was really full by that time so I asked for a 'doggy' bag !See how beautiful it is ?!


  1. Woww, the bag is so so so nice!!!
    How's the food?

  2. The food is really good. And the bread, I really like it. You can actually ask for seconds too! If you can't finish it then just ask them to pack it for you, then you get the bag too!
    Hee Hee !!

  3. wow, special occasion, the place is really expensive

  4. You are right about the food here..came with the nice ambience. Le Meridien bought us lunch here, caz' we gave them a lot of business, especially with our many card launches. I tried the rib-eye came with spinach & mash potato. Yummy...and finish off with the coffee too. It was a Splendid!! hehehe : )

  5. Dish with Vivien : yup! It's not a cheap place to eat but then if you have the Starwood Membership Card you can get discounts !!
    123jvn : Aiyah... how come you didn't order the Wagyu ?? That's the best !!