Thursday, 4 June 2009

Penang : Day 2 of our short eating holiday !

25 May 2009

Woke up to yet another hazy morning. Sigh. Anyway, when in Penang one must eat. And so another day of eating began!

Breakfast @ One Corner Cafe

Our friend told us about this super hokkien mee the night before and how we must try it. Well, here we are and he really did mean what he said !

I am not too sure what the original, authentic Penang Hokkien Mee is like but this one didn't taste like what we usually have. Well, for one it doesn't have the Kangkong in it. But it tasted alright anyway !

The Har Kou Chee Cheong Fun here is nothing to shout about. The one at Georgetown is much better !

Hmm... I prefer Fried Kuey Teow elsewhere !

After breakfast we headed over to somewhere covered ... Queensbay Mall. Hahaha! Since it was so hazy we couldn't do the outdoor touristy thingy. And after walking around and walking so much, we were finally hungry for food !

Lunch @ Lorong Selamat

When we were here the last time all we had was the Fried Kuey Teow by 'Goggles' (dish is shown above) so this time around we decided to order some of the other food to try.

OK, to me, the Har Kou Chee Cheong Fun here is better than what we had in the morning over at One Corner Cafe. But Georgetown is still the best !

We have always gone to Penang and had all sorts of Penang food. From hawker delights to restaurant food. But, we have never tried nasi kandar. This time we did and it was certainly an experience !

After our late lunch we went back to the hotel to give our stomachs a rest and to freshen up and by 5.30pm we were here at 'Line Clear' to have a taste of our nasi kandar ! I asked our friend why this place was called Line Clear ? It was all because of what happened a long time ago... there were a lot of customers at the stall .. some were eating and some were selecting their food. Hot dishes were also being brought to the counter and so you can imagine the amount of traffic at the little lane ! So... when people tried to get through the crowd, they started shouting .. "Line Clear, Line Clear"!!! That's how the name of this place came about !

Very Early Dinner @ Line Clear !

The stall is in the lane along Jalan Penang.Very old and used chopping board !See? They even have their own toilets !!
After the very filling early dinner we couldn't eat anymore. So, supper is a must ! Again, our friend brought us to this eatery along Burma Road. It seems this place was recommended in a television programme.
Supper @ Burma Road

The prawn mee is slightly different from what we had in the morning as this one comes with more varieties and also kangkung !

The chicken we had with the porridge was alright and quite smooth. The porridge was not too bad either.

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