Monday, 9 February 2009

Unique Seafood Restaurant

We had dinner to celebrate the English New Year right through to the last day of the Chinese New Year at this restaurant! Hahaha!

03 January 2009 - English New Year
24 January 2009 - Reunion Dinner for the Chinese New Year
31 January 2009 - CNY Dinner with friends
09 February 2009 - 15th Day of the CNY

03 January 2009
Celebrating the new year, 2009 at Unique Seafood, it being our current favourite haunt. If you go through the pictures, you will notice which are our favourite dishes to order too !
Nope, we didn't have this fish for dinner, but I thought it looked quite 'artistic' so I put in this shot too !

My aunt and her family went to London & Paris for the Christmas holidays and brought these back. We had them for dessert after our meal !

My father bought the pineapples and grapes from the fruit seller at the SEA PARK market!!

24 January 2009
These were what we had for the reunion dinner !

31 January 2009
Day 6 of CNY - had dinner here with friends and their children enjoyed the karaoke ! Tried to find some 'kiddy' songs for them to sing but there wasn't many to choose from. In the end they sand Jingle Bells for many, many times !

09 February 2009
Day 15 of CNY. To end the CNY celebrations, we had dinner here ... again !

This is the first time we're trying this dish and it turned out really good !

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