Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

24 July 2007 - I will be attending my fourth lesson in Level II this Thursday and we will be assembling a cake and decorating it with all the flowers that we have pre-made at home. Then I will have a week's break, before Level III begins.

22 July 2007 - this is the latest cake that I've done. For my brother in law's birthday. The pictures show the cake before and after the little dinosaurs were added. The kids loved the dinosaurs. Picked them out and ate them all up before we could all get to the cake !

08 July 2007 - and another one for a group birthday celebration. There were 3 of them celebrating their birthdays in June & July that's why we had 3 candles !!

07 July 2007 - With my confidence riding high, I made this cake for my uncle's birthday party too !

01 July 2007 - after 'graduating' from Level I, I made this birthday cake for my brother in law ! Don't you think it looks so much better than the first cake I made ?

26 June 2007 - the fourth and final lesson in Level I. Had to make the roses and cake in advance and then brought them to class for decorating. I make up my mind to continue with Level II !!
19 June 2007 - This is the outcome from lesson 3 !! We learnt how to make roses, swirl flowers and clowns ! Dont' you think the clowns look cute ?!

17 June 2007 - I made this cake for Fathers' Day and the kids were all so excited they ended up cutting the cake instead of the fathers !!

12 June 2007 - this cake was done at the second lesson and I must say I AM glad I signed up for the course. At least now, my cake does look like a cake !!

19 May 2007 - after the workshop I couldn't wait to try out my 'fondant' techniques! Didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to though. Better sign up for the course !

18 May 2007 - after the 'over the top' looking cake, decided it was time to take up a cake decorating course. First stop a workshop on cupcakes decorating !

01 April 2007 - This was my first attempt at cake decorating. Went crazy adding the hundreds and thousands (which my nephew insists is rice). Not that good I must say !

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